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   Matthew Wong was born and raised on the island of Oahu in a town on the windward side called Kailua. He often jokes about how he never started photography with the mind set of it being a full time career but it actually stemmed from a hobby and curiosity of technology. Thanks to the invention of digital photography (back in 1975), in 1999 he purchased his first digital camera with a new credit card he received, this was the start of a career. Traveling all over, Matthew has been able to take his photography skills and grow with practical experience in commercial, product, event, print, model portfolio, web marketing and more.  To this day Matthew still educates himself in the never ending changes in technique and composition.
   Currently Matthew is living in Las Vegas, NV working as a full time photographer and videographer for a major online retail store where he has a part in lifestyle imaging, print/web ads, social marketing, and other creative projects for the company. 

   For more information about photography or videography, you can contact Matthew at the above information or take a look a his social sites listed below (don't forget to "like" and "subscribe").

Mahalo Nui Loa (Thank you very much)