White Wong Media
Photography & Videography




  • YOU MUST HAVE LOCATION SET AND TYPE OF PHOTO/VIDEO SHOOT/STYLE IN MIND. This is for at least a guideline or general idea.

  • My schedule has changed and TF* projects are only available weekends.

  • Pictures are taken in JPG format at 72dpi - 800x533px resolution unless otherwise agreed upon.

  • Models must bring a valid photo ID to the photo session.

  • Models must sign White Wong Media's model release form at the beginning of the photo session

  • Under age models (17y/o and younger) must have a legal guardian present to fill out all paperwork and to supervise the shoot

  • Model, Makeup Artist, Wardrobe, Hair Stylist, etc... will receive two (2 websize) photos per look. These will be web ready and given to the client no later than 10 days of the scheduled photo shoot.

  • ALL photos given to the Model, Makeup Artist, Wardrobe, Hair Stylist, are to be used ONLY for personal use. In other words, it can be used for your Facebook, Instagram, Model Mayhem, MuseCube and/or other personal/social web accounts that are free of charge. Photos CANNOT be used for profit! Photos may not be sold or traded. Photos CANNOT be used for any paid site (website that requires payment to view or for you to be a member).

  • When using White Wong Media's photos, it is against contract/release form rules to edit the picture and remove or rearrange the White Wong Media logo. The White Wong Media logo MUST be visible on the picture

  • This is a social media age. If we shoot together, please tag all images with my socials tags (@whitewongmedia - #whitewongmedia) I will do the same. These photo shoots are free and social marketing is the only way I get my company's name out.

  • Video TF* projects will be shot, produced and placed on my media YouTube site (whitewongmedia). You can link to this video for portfolio use. This video will have a title opener and end card and may also have a watermark on the upper left.

  • Instagram will be a 1min clip of the above video. (please visit @whitewongmedia on IG to see examples)

  • In this day and age.. Social media is the new currency. With every collaboration every time you post to any of your social media I would ask that WhiteWongMedia is taged and have a sentence speaking of the collaboration.


Actual video sample of finished product (size w/ logo)

Actual sample of finished product (size w/ logo)